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Numeral XII
A Listed Entity


Numeral XII, the innovative financial entity dedicated to shaping the future of finance, is proud to announce its listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). This milestone marks a significant step in our journey towards transparency, accountability, and broader financial participation.

As a listed entity on the JSE, Numeral XII opens new avenues for investors seeking exposure to a dynamic and forward-thinking organization at the intersection of traditional finance and cutting-edge technology. This listing reflects our commitment to providing stakeholders with the opportunity to be part of our vision for reshaping the financial landscape.

JSE share code: GLI ISIN: MU0330N00004



Numeral XII, the pioneering finance company committed to revolutionizing the financial industry, is thrilled to announce its listing on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM). This pivotal moment signifies our ongoing commitment to transparency, accountability, and expanding access to financial opportunities.

By becoming a publicly traded entity on the SEM, Numeral XII is charting new paths for investors eager to engage with an organization that stands at the forefront of blending traditional financial principles with innovative technological advancements. This listing underscores our dedication to offering our stakeholders a chance to join us in our mission to transform the financial paradigm.

SEM share code: GOLI.N0000